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What are whiteboard video ads?

Whiteboard videos are possibly one of the most popular styles for creating simple engaging informative explainer videos. The whiteboard animation style is very popular, and it is very cost-effective to produce. For example, whiteboard videos often show a hand holding a pen drawing out an image on the screen. Usually, this is accelerated so the drawings appear quickly. Within the animation industry, these can sometimes be referred to as video scribes or drawing videos.

Whiteboard videos are a style of explainer video that some see as being “cheap” to create. Because this is often true to a certain extent, it may surprise you how much work can be involved in creating a whiteboard video, and the storyboarding and visual process is very similar to a more complex explainer video.

Whiteboard explainer video is an captivating alternative to other methods of knowledge sharing such as “talking-head” videos, and videos with narration over text, or narration over a slideshow. These types of videos allow for better transition between thoughts or topics, and can establish a chain of thought or logic that can be visually represented, referenced and reinforced.  Thanks to Drawmill and Top Explainers!